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Building Your Own Free Website

Are you thinking about building your own free website? Are you having trouble understanding how to make money online? Maybe, you have a blog post or affiliate store, but just aren’t getting any traffic. You should check out Wealthy Affiliate’s free online courses.These lessons will help you understand how to create a successful online business that generates revenue. The first step is realizing your potential as an online business owner. Wealthy Affiliate will help take your niche website and business to the next level. Not to mention, all of the SEO training and endless website tools they offer. As well as, they give two free websites to all free members.

build my own website


What is Wealthy Affiliate - Online Marketing Business?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online community that provides you with your own tools to create your online business. This awesome website gives you everything you need from keyword tools to niche research tools. They even go as far as giving you your own two free websites. Yes, you heard that right, they give you two websites for free. The website builder Wealthy Affiliate uses is called SiteRubix. It's one of the best free website builders on the market. This awesome platform unleashes the power of an open source website creation tool called WordPress. This powerful platform makes building a new website very simple to manage. If that sounded like gibberish, don’t worry! Wealthy Affiliate will train you how to set up, create, and market your new website. Even in the slightest chance you still have trouble figuring things out. You can reach out to the online community to ask for help or advice. Almost always there's an instant response from one of the many experienced members. It goes without saying that Wealthy Affiliate would be a great option for any online entrepreneur, experienced or not.

How easy is it to create two free websites with WA?

When it actually comes down to creating the new website on Wealthy Affiliate’s platform. You will be amazed how simple it is to set up. It all begins with a four-step process starting with choosing your own domain name for your website. Then choose a title and the theme of your site. Wealthy Affiliate offers you over three thousand original themes you can choose from. If you end up creating your site and realize you don’t like your theme. You can change it at any time. Plus, all of your content transfers right over to the new theme. Once you have all of that setup. You can begin writing a post for your new site. As well as, monetize them with help from the training provided inside Wealthy Affiliate.

How to build your free websites with SiteRubix?

Building your new website with Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteRubix is probably the easiest way to build a website. With so many plugin options to choose from, you can make your website as unique as you like. Everything you need to know comes with your exclusive free training. Another plus, members of Wealthy affiliate will actually give you feedback on your website's structure. Giving you the opportunity to improve your site and learn how to be the best of the best. Making it very easy to build and customize your website to its fullest potential. Not to mention, the community will comment on your posts. This will show Google a good amount of engagement on your site, which is great for ranking

Making Money with Free websites from WA

How do you make money with these websites? Well, there are a bunch of great ways to make money online with the free websites Wealthy Affiliate offers. After you go through the training program. You will understand all the intricate details to become a successful online marketer. Not to mention, if are not already a business owner or an affiliate of a company like Amazon. Wealthy affiliate offers their free and premium members a business of their own to promote. You can get paid to promote Wealthy Affiliate. The best part is once you get new sign-ups. It’s not a one-time payment to you. It is a recurring payment of either annual or monthly payments. This all depends on which type of account your referrals choose. Wealthy Affiliate provides a complete training course about how to go about promoting their offer.

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To sign up for Wealthy Affiliate to get your two free websites is completely risk-free.  There is no credit card required to sign up. So head on over to Wealthy Affiliate, right now, and get your free training and two free websites. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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P.S. Can't Wait? Want To Start Now? Then Join Me and Let's Get Started Building Your Website Today!

building my own website
Steven Rinker

  • carolyn says:

    Hi Steve, If I build my website inside this program does that mean that they own my site?

    • admin says:

      Hi Caralyn!

      Great question! No, you are the owner of your site and would be able to move it to another host if you needed to (I recently did this because of a plugin issue) or you wanted to sell your site, One member recently sold their site for $40,000 USD and another sold their site for $28,000 USD.

      You totally own your site and as you can see as it grows it becomes a very valuable asset!!

      Thanks for stopping by! Talk soon!!

  • Fred says:

    Great article and all very true Wealthy Affiliate will provide you with all you need to be successful. You just got to start and stick with it.

    • admin says:

      Hey Fred!

      You are absolutely right! Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate online business training program with an all in one format. This program is not for you if your chasing shiny objects or get rich quick programs. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Carly Swinson says:

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