How to Use Social Media for Online Marketing – Part 1

How to Use Social Media for Online Marketing?social media marketing strategies

How do people interact with each other nowadays? With social media, of course people reaching out to each other creating and sharing content all over the internet. Online communities where people hang out and discuss topics with friends and acquaintances. A place where people socialize on anything imaginable. The real question is, how can you leverage these social networks to increase your business? Start by strategizing a social engagement plan. Social media success can be achieved by building a following, creating a solid foundation of social media, and become an engaging and powerful force in the social market.



Creating and maintaining a presence on social media has become inevitable for businesses all around the world. Its how they target and engage their future customers. One of the most effective marketing methods is video marketing. According to Cisco, video accounted for 69% of all internet traffic in 2017. Can you think of anyone that generates better traffic to a video than YouTube? With over one billion users, people on YouTube spend millions of hours watching videos. Able to reach a huge variety of traffic including over 70 countries and in 76 languages. Making YouTube a way to create a diverse following over the entire world. You can even share your videos from YouTube to your website. Maybe even make your content seen on other social media platforms. Therefore, you can take full advantage of reaching your target audience.

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When it comes to promoting your business or just trying to get a following to your brand Facebook is a great tool. Using Facebook is perfect for a new business with a limited marketing budget. You can post basic information about your business or share pictures and videos.

Allowing people on Facebook to see your product or service creates a way to communicate with potential customers. If you have your own website, you could even drive traffic to your site by including a link on your Facebook page. So if you’re trying to brand a new business this would be a great way to start gaining some valuable traction.

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Like all social networks, Google+ gives you the opportunity to connect with an online community. Unlike other social media platforms, Google+ has a more significant impact on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Making it easier to get organic rankings on search engines. Giving you the ability to influence potential buyers in a shorter period of time. Google+ even allows you to pinpoint a specific location so you can create a target audience. This social network makes branding your product or service a much easier task.


Another great network to look into if you’re trying to build your brand is twitter. However, there’s a strategy you should follow when it comes to tweeting. If you can engage people in conversation they will start to recognize you and your brand. Create a positive image of yourself by tweeting and retweeting to build lasting connections in the twitter community. Make sure to capitalize on trending topics to make the most out of any branding opportunity. Influence viewers by creating compelling posts to generate popularity.

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Social Engagement

Social media can be a very useful tool when it comes to online marketing. Whether you’re making videos or posting pictures. You can use these networks to create a following, brand yourself, and eventually generate leads. Maybe even use these platforms to improve your marketing strategies by checking out the competition. Maximize your social engagement through connecting your networks. That way you can be connected to your followers at all times.

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